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Protetor de porta de carro
Protetor de porta de carro
Protetor de porta de carro
Protetor de porta de carro
Protetor de porta de carro

Protetor de porta de carro

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ou 12x de R$ 7,49

Protect your car's paint from accidental scratches during parking and door opening!

Shield your car doors from dents and scratches with the Car Door Edge Protector! Park and open doors in tight spaces without constantly worrying about accidentally damaging the paint!

The edge guards are highly flexible and durable due to the combination of segmented steel and rubber which makes it ideal for protecting the doors from damage as well as keeping dust and noise out of your car!

Install the protective strips within minutes - just measure out the of your car door edge, cut the strip to an adequate length, and lightly hammer it into any type of car door edge with a rubber mallet to make a perfect fit!

Isolate your car from dust and noise in just a few minutes!


Protect your car doors: Avoid accidentally scratching or denting your car while opening the doors or driving in tight spaces!

Car interior isolation: Keep dust and noise out of your car while simultaneously shielding your doors from damage with these steel-enforced protective strips!

Non-destructive installation: No glue or machining needed - simply cut the strip to match the edge length and lightly hammer it in! 

Applicable to any door type: The edge guards’ flexible and smart design allows you to effortlessly attach it to any sort of car door!